Elder Cooper Siebers has been called to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He will serve for 24 months in the Brazil, Rio de Janeiro mission. He enters the Provo, Utah Missionary Training Center on 10 July 2013.

Monday, September 16, 2013

10. Gilbert AZ

 Mon, Sept 16, 2013

[Cooper's letters came in bits in pieces spread out over four hours today.  He sent some photos and I think it blocked his other email from going out for hours or something, but it was really disconnected.  I will try to piece it together.]

So transfer time is coming up yet again. There are 6 weeks in a transfer and I'm excited to not be the newbie. President Nattress returns from a mission president's training in Dallas with several of the Apostles. I hear that he's coming back with a lot of new and changed policies. I think for the good since the last mission president was really strict. I am really excited!

On Tuesday we had our Greenie [brand new, newbie] meeting. In my district there is me and Elder W., we came in on same transfer.. and sister W-H who is actually Elder P.'s cousin. She is one transfer older than us. Anyway, they often put us in role plays in front of district to help us learn and such. This week we focused on inspired questions while teaching.

Elder P. utterly destroyed his bike this week. The spokes just blew out while we were crossing the road and his rear wheel locked up. We were without bikes for the remainder of that day and had to walk to all of our appointments. I'm gonna miss having a bike in Brazil.

At the P's [home], the members from Germany, they fed us Lattkes for dinner. 

On Thursday I went on splits with our District Leader, Elder R. It was awesome. I love that guy. Hes way down to earth and a great missionary and super funny. He and I went to Wendy's that night for a late night snack. Great day!

Elder P. finally got it approved for the Portuguese speakers to call each other every once in a while to speak in Portuguese. It was awesome. We hope to get a conference call going one of these times with the four of us. Its crazy how good my Portuguese still is. I'm not even thinking about it anymore. So weird. Why was I so bad at Spanish in high school???

Thanks dad for the mosaic book. Real cute, and the bear article... that was awesome!!!!

I love you all. I really cant believe how the time is flying by.

Let me know what other things i can answer. I answered a bunch of questions for dad. It helps me focus my letters and such!

I forgot to add one story. Once a week we visit Bro.W.  We'eve actually been meeting with him every week since I've been here but I forgot to mention it.  He's a very active member who is 80+ years old. His wife has been diagnosed with alheizmers and he lives alone now. We visit him every week just to chat. Its definetly one of the highlights of my week. He has the best spirit and I get teary eyed every time he talks about his wife.

Also, our mission is getting ipads!  

I really don't have time to read Mallory's emails, but i love reading them when they come in the mail. They are so great. I wish I had the time to tell more stories but I don't. :(

This the smallest geographical mission in the church right now. The new missionary work is through the members. He [Elder Andersen, when he visted the mission last week] gave an Apostolic promise in the April general conference called ""It's A Miracle" motivating and trying to help members pray about names whom to share the gospel with. Every member visit we make, we pass along this promise on a piece of cardstock from them to rememeber and use. Not much has come from it so far, but well keep on trying. Elder Anderson also said that we should expect to stay in out wards and areas for very long periods of time. At least about 6 months he said. To build trust and friendships with the wards members. We should also expect to be narrowed down to one or 2 wards. Crazyness

[Scott asked about his typical day]

Typical day is structured

6:30 Wake up, work out and prepare for day
8 Personal study
9 comp study
10 training
11 language study
12 lunch
1-5 out doing work
5 dinner
6-9 out doing work
9 home and daily planning
10:30 in bed

[He wrapped up with this visual to remind us that he most certainly is not in New England anymore!]

[We received a few pictures from members of the ward(s) Cooper is in.  They feed him dinner most nights of the week, and often send me and Elder P's family a photo.]

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