Elder Cooper Siebers has been called to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He will serve for 24 months in the Brazil, Rio de Janeiro mission. He enters the Provo, Utah Missionary Training Center on 10 July 2013.

Friday, August 30, 2013

7. Gilbert AZ

26 August 2013

So the first day we were welcomed to the mission by President Nattress. He just was called to be the president in July, and he's just beginning to figure things out for himself. He is a very nice guy though, and seems really down to earth about things. 

Anyway, We went through tons of orientation type things for the entire day. They were not prepared for us 6 visa waiters at all. We don't have financial cards, all our funds are being sent to our companions cards. Ugh. But they did buy us all brand new bikes which they are going to use for the visa waiters of the future. Very generous. The first night, Elder N and I were assigned to sleep at the B's. [This is a family in the ward, but I don't like to print names.]  It kinda felt like Youth Conference all over again. That was probably the best bed I'll sleep in for the next two years :(  When I woke up the next morning I heard the familiar voice of Micheal McLean. I told Sister B how my mom always played his music on our way to church. She said that her son actually tours with him. And I guess shes bffs with Cherri Call. [Mom should know who these peeps are]

So my companion is Elder P. He's from Spokane Washington, (and oddly enough he's really good friends with Sister C). Hes 24. He's been out for 5 months. This is his first time training.  He's still learning as much as I am. There aren't a lot of investigators to be had. We are trying our best to re-activate some people. The members are incredibly nice and I love having dinner with families. A favorite family  is the P family.   [Sister P sent you that picture of Elder P and me] They have a 15 and 10 year old boy who are way cool. And a daughter whose a senior in high school.

Yeah so the food has been great!

I love riding a bike. I know I won't be able to have this luxury in Brazil so Im enjoying it as much as I can now. Apparently I got here in the hottest part of the year. My first day was 113 degrees and it's been 105+ since. Its ok though, its really not as bad as I thought it would be. Good prep for Brazil.

One of the most eye opening experiences I've had so far was a teaching appointment we had with twin 7 year old girls. The mom and kids are less active but one of the girls really wants to get baptized. We are trying to teach the mom through her kids. In the MTC, and in Preach my Gospel, it explains how we should be able to teach our lessons, even so that a child would be able to understand them. Well this put us to the test. It's really hard to explain topics such as the Great Apostasy to a child. I struggled with words that I simply couldn't use anymore. Authority and Revelation were two that I remember the most.

Its been all good though. We live in a nice duplex with another set of missionaries.

Oh and one other crazy thing, Elder M was called to serve in the Spanish speaking areas here. I cant believe that. I haven't seen him since, but I hope hes doing ok. That would be so hard. [The reason Cooper thinks this would be hard is because Elder M. was also called to Rio.  He was in the MTC with Cooper to learn Portuguese and is now a visa waiter in Gilbert- assigned to speak Spanish!]

A missionary came home in the one of the wards we are serving in. He went to Charlotte North Carolina. We stopped by his coming home party last night and I asked him if he knew Elder F.. He said he did. Hes currently serving just outside of Charlotte. Cool Beans.

I think you got my address, hand it out to whomever wants it

829 East Park Av
Gilbert, Arizona 85234

I was thinking of last minute things I might want. (and these would be awesome, but don't worry about them, I can definitely live without them)

1. Just tons of Christmas music, I don't even know how this would be done, but I know Mom, she can find a way. Just the music we often listen to around Christmas time, so I can get all nostalgic when that time comes around  (David Archuleta and Sarah McLauglin and all that jazz.)

2. Do they make just D&C [Doctrine and Covenants] books, cause I want one. I don't like the way the quad looks, and I like marking them as their own books.

Again these are just some wants. I don't really NEED anything at this point.

Well I got 33 minutes left. Hope I hear from some of you.

[We continue to get these great surprises- Cooper and his companion at Gilbert families that are feeding them dinner.  It has helped so much to know that others are not only caring for him, but also caring for me (the mom) in making sure I know he is safe and happy.]

Saturday, August 24, 2013

text from a Gilbert member- Gilbert AZ

Saturday 24 August 2013

Today I woke up and found this photo message had been texted to me:

Elder P and Elder Siebers came over for dinner tonight and they are both doing great.- Sister P. of Gilbert AZ.

Elder P's mother had been included on the text and so now we have solid evidence of where he is and who he is with!  Elder P is from Spokane and has been out since March of this year.  He was just recently made a "trainer", so Cooper is likely his first "trainee".   Apparently there are four missionaries in their apartment.  She also sent me their address, so I will update the contact information tab.

Elder Siebers and Elder P are assigned to the Mesquite Ward in Gilbert.  Sister P says the area is quite small, but she thinks it covers another Ward in addition to the Mesquite Ward.

I am so grateful that this Sister fed my son in Gilbert and also had the thought to snap a photo and sent it to two mothers.  She has a son serving in North Dakota right now.  It's been so touching to me to see that there is network of mothers of missionaries (and fathers too no doubt) who are watching out for and taking care of eachothers' children while they serve.

[All of these random communications- debit card trackings, links to news stories, photo texts from other Church members- wow.  It's just incredible how technology has changed the mission life.]


letter from Pres. Nattress- Gilbert AZ

Friday 23 August 2013

Today we received an email letter from the President Nattress, the Mission President.

Dear Parents,

Your wonderful missionary arrived here in Gilbert Arizona on Monday morning – and we love them already! We even received 6 missionaries headed to Rio de Janeiro Brazil, who are waiting for their VISAS to clear. We are so happy they will be part of our mission, even for a short time.

They all arrived excited and a bit nervous and tired. Their day began early morning at the MTC, so they had an early start and were worn out by afternoon for sure. We fed them, trained them, loved them, introduced them to their bicycles, and they were all looking forward to going to bed. They were housed in a host member’s home on Monday evening; then Tuesday they received more training, met their new companions, and headed to their assigned areas. We have attached a photo of their smiling faces taken Monday morning.

We are happy to have each one of them, and we will do all we can to support and encourage them while they are here. Thank you for sharing your missionary with us. Contact us anytime if you have any questions.

Best wishes,

Sister Cathy Thornock

Mission Secretary

Arizona Gilbert Mission

1001 North Burk Street

Gilbert, AZ 85234


livin' off the land she is- Gilbert AZ

Thursday 22 August 2013

Scott received an email from an unfamiliar email address that simply said "Sent to you from Elder Siebers in Gilbert Arizona"

In the message was a link to THIS video.  Of course this left us with a lot more questions than answers!

Scott thanked this random person (who is actually the woman featured in the video), told her he would love to taste some of her homemade cheddar, and asked how she knew Elder Siebers.

Here is her response:

The Elders come to do service work on Thursdays. It gives them something different to do and I am able to teach them new skills that a man will use the rest of his life. They have built wooden sidewalks, driven fence posts into the ground, wired bull panels to the posts and learned how easy it is to break a PVC waterline (and how long it takes to repair it!). I love the missionaries. For some years they used my guest house for living quarters. This past Thursday I explained all about irrigation and how the Mormon pioneers built the system we still use today. They got to watch the water flow onto the acreage form the irrigation ditch. You've raised a fine son and we are so happy to have him here.

I have to admit that I loved that there is this 70 something year old woman who is "teaching them new skills that a man will use the rest of his life."

you can run, but you can't hide- Gilbert AZ

Thursday 22 August 2013

Today our family all received this text from my husband:

When you don't have any word from Cooper you have to take what you can get.  Yesterday he spent $1.51 at a Circle K.  Was it for chips or a drink?  Vote now.

Madi voted chips.

I voted drink because it has to be like 110 there.

Mallory voted chips.

Scott voted drink.

Not sure why he used his debit card at all as he should be given funds by the mission- but maybe they weren't available yet.  Anyway- nice to know you can track people this way if you have to.

6. PHONE CALL- Salt Lake City Airport

Monday 19 August 2013

Elder Siebers was allowed to call us as he waited for his departure to Arizona.  Scott and I were both able to take a moment from our work day and get on a 3 way call with him.  We were able to talk for about 45 minutes.

Some highlights from our chat:

- He was extremely tired and sounded it.  He said they went to bed around 12:30 am and then got up at 2:30 am to see the first missionary from their District leave the MTC.  They then had to be on the van by 4:30 am- so "of course" they just stayed up.

- There were 24 missionaries on his flight to Phoenix.  Six of them are Elders that are assigned to Rio and waiting for Visas.  Four of those Elders are from his District.

- He has put on three pounds from eating at the MTC.

- The book I sent him of helpful-phrases-for-Americans-in-Brazil (which I ordered from Amazon and shipped direct to the MTC) was full of "inappropriate" phrases- so yeah, not that useful.

- Canned soda actually made it via USPS priority flat rate.

- His favorite "stress reliever" that I had sent to him was these Stretchy Strings.  He said that he and the other Elders looked at them and didn't really know what to do with them.  But then they read a caution on the package that said they should not be "whipped on bare skin."  So yeah- you can guess exactly what they did with them.

-He asked Scott to send him some information about how mission work is going in our Canton Ward.  He said he really has an interest and wants to hear about how things are moving along here.  This was just another evidence that his focus and efforts are really focused on the work he is doing.

- Apparently he saw an article on the Church website about the Hartford Temple Groundbreaking.  He knew that we were there and asked us for some commentary.

Overall, he was pretty mellow but also very positive.  He was very excited to be going to Gilbert and can't wait to actually start the work.

[I did some sleuthing on the internets and it appears that Mondays are going to be his Pday.  I suspect we won't get an email from him until next week.]

PHOTOS- MTC Provo, Utah

It's been a week of random communication from Elder Siebers.

These photos came in on Sunday as his district wrapped up their final hours together.

Elder Siebers and one of his MTC teachers.

Elder Siebers and Braxton Andersen.
Braxton served his mission in Guatamala and now teaches Spanish at the MTC.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

5.1 MTC Provo UT

Yeah ok, so today is kinda of our very last day at the MTC. Tomorrow is Sunday which is unlike any other day here. 

So this week a few things did happen. Mostly though we've been just having a lot of fun, enjoying these last few days here. 

On Tuesday, Elder Richard G. Scott gave us a wonderful talk about feeling the spirit. 

So heres what really happened withe the whole Jake hosting thing. Our district has been wanting to host for the longest time. We get to miss one of our 3 hour classes and help new missionaries. Who wouldn't want to do that?  None of us really knew how to get involved in that and we just kept forgetting to find out. On our way to lunch that day, Sister W saw these brothers handing out Host stickers and tracked them down. She got all of us in. I was pumped because I knew Jake was coming in today.

The drop of zone is long, about 40 cars could lineup and drop off simultaneously. I was assigned to a different spot but I knew Jake might not be dropped off that far and I might miss him. I waited in the front, and luckily there were enough hosts.  I and just watched every single car as they drove by. Elder D walked by early. Sieber F also walked by.  One of my friends from BYUI came by. That was cool. Most of the cars had tinted rear windows, so I really was hoping Jake would see me. As the probably 500th car drove by I saw a black figure in the back make a sudden hand movement. I knew it was Neeley. I started speedily walking down the sidewalk to catch up. It was really cool. It was nice to see him again. He doesn't quite understand how excited I was to see him. 

I'm just about packed. All I've left out are the things that I need for the next two days. Also I believe I can take one carry on and a personal item yeah? The camelback is a little large and takes up some space in the suitcase. Can I take both the camelback and the other backpack on the plane with me? 

I havent received that package yet. The package place closes at 2, so hopefully it comes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If not that would be really sad. Havent gotten phone card yet... [Received another email later today- the package came and he has his phone cards for the airport.  He may or may not also have some canned soda, chips and salsa and some candy.]

I just got the letter with family from the cabin, that was nice.

I should call monday morning. Be on alert. 

The Elders had a really fun night last night. We lined up all three bunk beds, and just messed around. I love these guys so much. They all want me to transfer to Provo [BYU Campus] when I get home. Which I would love to, seeing as literally everything is better for me there... I feel. 

well today is a pday really, so I should be on later today

Friday, August 16, 2013

VISA Waiter Re-Assignment

We received an email from Elder Siebers last night.  He was very excited to report that he and three other Elders from his district have been temporarily re-assigned to Gilbert, Arizona!

They all leave the Provo MTC very early Monday August 19th.  He is very excited about going to Arizona, as are we.

The other Elders and Sisters in his district were re-assigned to Charlotte, NC; Tacoma, WA; Los Angeles; Cleveland, OH and Houston TX.

[I called Mission Travel today to ask a question about his application potentially "expiring again".  Long story short- No, that won't happen again as it has now been "accepted" by the Consulate.  However, we all need to change our frame of mind- instead of thinking his application has been in since mid March, we need to use the early June date.  (This was when we got notice that the Consulate had changed the application process and made us re-submit.)  If they stay true to their stated estimated time of 3 months- his VISA would then be coming in around early September.  We shall see!]

But until then... Elder Siebers, Elder M, Elder N and Elder P- Enjoy Gilbert!  I am excited for all of you!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The "Host"

In Elder Sieber's letter posted yesterday (#5) he expressed some angst about how he and his good friend Elder Jake Neeley were going to work it out so that they could see each other before Elder Siebers leaves.  Elder Neeley entered the MTC today- he and Cooper have been friends since they were just 8/9 years old.

Well, today a photo was sent out by Elder Neeley's Uncle that made not one, but TWO moms cry.

Here you go- brace yourself.

Cooper and Jake Summer 2005

(They clean up rather nicely don't you think?)

I was truly moved to see them back together.

And then I noticed the open car door in the background and I started figuring something out (which was later confirmed by Jake's uncle).  Elder Siebers was actually able to serve as Elder Neeley's Host. The Host is the more "experienced"  missionary who meets you at your car door at drop off.  They offer a friendly face and handshake and then help you with your bags to your room.  They offer a quick tour of the MTC and then escort you to your first class/orientation.

As Jake's mom said to me today, Cooper being Jake's Host was "no coincidence".  I believe it is only District Leaders that are allowed to Host.  Cooper was called as a DL just last week.  And, it's only DLs in their FINAL week at the MTC that Host.  There were over 700 missionaries arriving today- how on earth did they make this work?  Tender Mercy I tell you.

An hour later I received this photo.  It made me (and Jake's mom) cry all over again.

There they both go.... separated by just five weeks in the MTC... one on his way out... one on his way in.... both there as part of a long journey that started when they were  just little boys.

Go Forth and Serve Elders.

Edit:  I asked Elder Siebers about this Host experience.  This is his response:

Our district signed up to host new missionaries. I waited for 2 hours for Jake and it was worth it. I got him all settled in, gave him a nice tour, gave him tips. Then I dropped him off in his class. He is is the same district as Sister F and Elder D  . I told him to stay close to him. They are tight already. We have the same schedule which will be nice for a few more days.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

5. MTC Provo UT

Tuesday 13 August 2013

Wow. I can't even believe that my time here at the MTC is about over. It has gone by so quickly. We are supposed to get our reassignments this week. I'm am soo excited. Not many missionaries get called to serve in two places. I have three places in mind, Oregon, Minnesota, and Alabama are my best three guesses. Apparently we can purchase a phone card and can call home for a short bit to tell our families what the plan is. I am not quite certain of this, but if I get some information I'll send out a quick email to let ya'll know.  [None of the 15 missionaries in Elder Siebers' district have received their VISAs yet. Therefore, they will all be reassigned to a location in the US and become "VISA waiters"- teaching the Gospel in English most likely, though some have been reassigned in the past to a US Portugese mission.  Elder Siebers has told us many times that he is excited to find out where his next adventure lies- and apparently now he is starting to really consider it!]

Thanks for ordering the tie rack mom, Im stoked to get it!

My teacher, Brother D also asked me if I knew David C. Apparently they grew up in the same ward in california. Cool beans

So Jake I gotta know, if you really are going to the Wyview apartments, I'll be crushed. I thought for sure since we were both Portuguese and Brazil bound, we would be on the same campus. And for real, the only time we get to see the West campus people is on the big Tuesday night devotionals. Which this might be my last (tonight). Soooo yeah that really stinks! But maybe we can figure something out????  [One of Elder Siebers very best friends- Elder Jake Neeley left home today and enters the MTC tomorrow, he has been called to the Goiana, Brazil Mission.  Jake and Cooper grew up in our small little branch together since they were just 8/9 years old.    He and Cooper are hoping to have a sweet reunion at the MTC tomorrow.  Cooper's anxiety above is about their concern that Jake has been assigned to the MTC at Provo West- a mile or so away.  I don't think this is the case though.  Another missionary from our ward left today too!  Sister Dania Frandsen will serve in the Sao Paolo North Mission.  She and Elder Neeley are even in the same district... all from our little Canton Ward!]

My first week as district leader went smoothly. Its easy to lead when the missionaries have been so good.

So last night I got a full account of the Cabin Week from both Madison and Mallory. It was the most difficult thing to read. I really appreciate the details, down to specific quotes. I wish so bad I had been there, but from here on out I should only miss one more yeah? I'm so graetful for the detailed letters and stories. I'm glad everyone had a lot of fun. 

Madison, Canton high school is going to be a completely different place. I would love if you sent me a pic of the new track! Good luck with jr year! You are going to need it!

Riley, thanks for you Dear Elders, they make me laugh! Have fun causing mayhem at girls camp!

Dad, I LOVED all the pictures you sent me. Soooo good. It tears me up inside that I wasn't there [demolition derbies- Scott attended one completely by himself while in Utah this summer], but I'm sure you had a blast. That 19 car is literally perfect paint scheme, if it were on that LTD, my life would be complete!

They gave us portuguese scriptures on the first day. [We must have asked?]

So this week, lets seeeeee, what happened? I honestly can't think of too much. Everything has become so routine at this point. I'd say I had the best Sunday night. A great devotional about the purpose behind the missionary purpose followed by a great Elder Bednar talk about becoming a life long missionary. Very spiritual and enlightening. My favorite quote was:

"Don't just go on a mission. Become a missionary"

We also got our first chance to go the temple this morning.  Incredible really. If you haven't been already, get your bums to the temple!

Other than that, I'm pretty sick of the food here, I know i'll miss it when 'm eating rice and beans everyday though.

Also, I don't know when I will be emailing next. Just be alert, you guys are always checking your emails right? [Tuesdays have been his pday in the MTC.  But he is scheduled to leave for somewhere next Tuesday.  So- we are supposed to either get another email or a phone call sometime before then to let us know where he is going.  If you want to play Round 2 of "where will Cooper serve his mission" send me your guess as to what US City/State he will go to next week.  paula.siebers@comcast.net.]

Two things I thought of. first please thank Gail Dalsky and LouAnn Roberto for the Dear Elders. Also tell Louann thank you for the check. (I ripped it up though. She gave me 10 dollars for snacks. I'm fine)  [Sister Roberto- you are very thoughtful!]

Also, when I'm Brazil, does one U.S freedom forever stamp cut it?  [Yeah, I am thinking that's a "no".]

Also someone big might be talking tonight, we have a reason to believe this each week. This week it is because this devotional is being broadcast to every other MTC in the world. Ill let you know!

Love the Fam!

Elder Siebs

MTC Photos

Unit 220 aka "the district".  Elder Siebers has made a lot of great friends from this group.  They have now spent every waking hour of the last five weeks together.  Since NONE of their VISAs have arrived, the group will likely disband and be scattered across the US as they all become "VISA waiters" next week. At some point they will all reach their destination of Rio de Janeiro- I imagine there will be many happy reunions.

Free Food and Family:  This is Elder Siebers and his cousin Sister Diana Tanner.  Sister Tanner has been called to serve in the Ukraine!  She is scheduled to leave the same day as Cooper- you can follow her blog too.  This photo was taken last Wednesday, which happened to be Sister Tanner's pday- which is why she is dressed down.  She sent this photo to her mom and said she ran in to Elder Siebers on "free food day".  Of course none of us knew what that meant.  Here is the explanation I received from my son today "On Wednesday all the new missionaries show up and they are all scheduled for dinner at the same time. All the other missionaries have to eat out of these food trucks, which is fine by me! I get three subway sandwiches, two personal frescheta pizzas, as many bags of sour cream and onion as I can grab. Life is good."  He has mentioned before that his dinner is at 4pm!  So I guess that when the MTC is hit with 700+ new missionaries every Wednesday- it wreaks havoc on the cafeteria crew and hungry boys are the beneficiaries.

Scripture Marking:  Elder Siebers has decided to combine his artistic/graphics abilities with his "organizational tendencies" to accurately mark his scriptures.  I love it.

Temple Worship:  The Provo Temple is across the street from the MTC.  Normal Pday routine includes a session in the Temple.  However, the Temple has been closed for cleaning since Elder Siebers arrived last month.  But it opened today!  Elder Siebers was able to attend and wrote home to encourage us to get to the Temple again as soon as we can.  More about our LDS Temples here:  LDS Temples.  On a related note, the groundbreaking for OUR temple- the Hartford CT Temple is this Saturday!  We are very excited to be able to attend this.  And, a Temple for Rio de Janeiro  was announced just last April!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

4. MTC Provo, UT

Tuesday Aug 6, 2013

Dear Family, and friends that may as well be family.
I hope everyone is enjoying the cabin! Please tell me all about it when you get the chance! hope the MTC is going well for Kassi, and I hope Canton is treating Jake, Parker and Austin well.  [Our family has been in Utah with all the Siebers family... a tradition Elder Siebers has been a part of his entire life.  It was weird knowing that he was less than an hour away, yet our communication was still limited to one weekly email.  His good friend Sister Kassi Reid just finished her first week in the Madrid, Spain MTC.]
I dont have anything is a particular order, so everything is going to be a bit scattered.
-For my service this week I restocked toilet paper. It was actually really nice. I slowly made my way through 8 bathrooms. It was pretty relaxing. I tackled the job by myself which gave me some alone time which is nice. I got to think alot and it was kind of therapeutic.
-Elder A got his visa this week, and left early this morning to Sao Paulo. We are down to 6 elders now, and we all share a room now which is awesome!
- I was called to be district leader this week! I was a little nervous and still am a bit, but I'm very excited to serve my district.
-Since Elder A. left, our threesome broke again and its just me and Elder F  again
-So I ran into Sister D.   I dont think I've actually ever talked to her before, but she regonized me. She was in the Avon ward right? Shes going to Jao Pessoa, so thats pretty cool
-I am continuing to play volleyball every chance I get. I've been getting a lot better and its a lot of fun! I hope I can play some in Rio!
-On our walk to the Devo last tuesday we walked side by side with an EFY group. It was so nostalgic for me. Those were the day! I totes want to be a EFY councelor at Provo sometime after I get back. That would be gnarly.
-Mom, keep the Blog up. Keep up the good work!
-Please thanks Shauna and the Girls for the Sewing kit. It was adorable and will come in handy. And thnak Grandma Roo for cookies. they came on the night before Fast Sunday, so we all enjoyed our last meal before the long day.
- Dallin H. Oaks' daughter gave us the Sunday Night Devo this week. She is a world renound violinist and she played a few songs in between her talk. It was so powerful and really neat. her four kids, ages 11 and under, playing Piano, Cello, violin and Guitar, played "I am a child of God" It was precious and really impressive.
I heard that C works here, I would love to see him. What language or whatever does he teach here. Let me know, and tell him to come visit in 18M room 318!
I'm stoked to hear about your novel. Keep up the good work!
Thanks for your dear elder. It did really make me smile. So keep me updated with your life. I hope by now you have told about the EFY key. If not, than I apologize for this. That stinks! sorry about the bad luck this EFY! [No, Madison had NOT told us about the EFY key yet.  Apparently while at EFY last week, she lost her key so we are to anticipate a bill from the University of Utah for $75.)
So Jeremy D is the younger brother of my most favorite teacher her. Matt D! I told him. Soooo Cool
I take for granted just sitting down and watching some Wizards. Good Times. Goooood Times. Hope the vacation is going swell. Have fun at the cabin. Say hi to Vance, Nick, and Jake for me!
Even though half your Dear Elder was about One Direction, I still really enjoyed it. Tell me everything! ( I think you should ger Liam Loves Blueberry personally. Theres just a nice ring to it)
So have you become a Ariana fan, I hear shes released two new songs! You should keep a colleciton of posters for me for when I get back. That would be awesome!
They may buy your argument. But I dont know. Keep me posted on what they say.  [I think "they" are us- the parents.  I think the "argument" is that Riley *needs* an iphone.]
Nice job climbing. We are very similar so I know if you keep practicing you may find a talent you are very good at, and a sweet hobby for the rest of your life!
I think all the letters you sent have arrived.
I try to have my own personal word of the day, My personal favorite word that I like to use whenever I come out of a bad lesson (which isn't that often) is. "matadouro" or "slaughterhouse"
I did get letter #1, and I had to pay 20 extra cents :)
I'm glad to hear that the suzuki will live on! [Apparently I threw a rod on my car last week, and was very sad, but then found out it was under warranty- phew!]
I've been trying to continue to write [in his journal] most nights. but some days I really just don't have the time
I think through Dear Elder packages you can send anything from the book store, no? If so, I really want this tie rack they have. Its nine bucks though. If its possible you should dear elder it for me. Also get me some paper and stamps so I can continue to write more letters. Lastly one more batch of chips and queso would be aweosme. We want to have another party!
Love you!
The language is still coming along. I am so happy with progress I have made. I never thought I would actually reach this point, but alas, I have. They say that you leave the MTC feeling really confident in your language abilities, but then you get there and you understand nothing. I'm sure this will be the case for me.
I should be on a little late today to respond, but I don't know. Have fun at the Cabin.