Elder Cooper Siebers has been called to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He will serve for 24 months in the Brazil, Rio de Janeiro mission. He enters the Provo, Utah Missionary Training Center on 10 July 2013.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

4. MTC Provo, UT

Tuesday Aug 6, 2013

Dear Family, and friends that may as well be family.
I hope everyone is enjoying the cabin! Please tell me all about it when you get the chance! hope the MTC is going well for Kassi, and I hope Canton is treating Jake, Parker and Austin well.  [Our family has been in Utah with all the Siebers family... a tradition Elder Siebers has been a part of his entire life.  It was weird knowing that he was less than an hour away, yet our communication was still limited to one weekly email.  His good friend Sister Kassi Reid just finished her first week in the Madrid, Spain MTC.]
I dont have anything is a particular order, so everything is going to be a bit scattered.
-For my service this week I restocked toilet paper. It was actually really nice. I slowly made my way through 8 bathrooms. It was pretty relaxing. I tackled the job by myself which gave me some alone time which is nice. I got to think alot and it was kind of therapeutic.
-Elder A got his visa this week, and left early this morning to Sao Paulo. We are down to 6 elders now, and we all share a room now which is awesome!
- I was called to be district leader this week! I was a little nervous and still am a bit, but I'm very excited to serve my district.
-Since Elder A. left, our threesome broke again and its just me and Elder F  again
-So I ran into Sister D.   I dont think I've actually ever talked to her before, but she regonized me. She was in the Avon ward right? Shes going to Jao Pessoa, so thats pretty cool
-I am continuing to play volleyball every chance I get. I've been getting a lot better and its a lot of fun! I hope I can play some in Rio!
-On our walk to the Devo last tuesday we walked side by side with an EFY group. It was so nostalgic for me. Those were the day! I totes want to be a EFY councelor at Provo sometime after I get back. That would be gnarly.
-Mom, keep the Blog up. Keep up the good work!
-Please thanks Shauna and the Girls for the Sewing kit. It was adorable and will come in handy. And thnak Grandma Roo for cookies. they came on the night before Fast Sunday, so we all enjoyed our last meal before the long day.
- Dallin H. Oaks' daughter gave us the Sunday Night Devo this week. She is a world renound violinist and she played a few songs in between her talk. It was so powerful and really neat. her four kids, ages 11 and under, playing Piano, Cello, violin and Guitar, played "I am a child of God" It was precious and really impressive.
I heard that C works here, I would love to see him. What language or whatever does he teach here. Let me know, and tell him to come visit in 18M room 318!
I'm stoked to hear about your novel. Keep up the good work!
Thanks for your dear elder. It did really make me smile. So keep me updated with your life. I hope by now you have told about the EFY key. If not, than I apologize for this. That stinks! sorry about the bad luck this EFY! [No, Madison had NOT told us about the EFY key yet.  Apparently while at EFY last week, she lost her key so we are to anticipate a bill from the University of Utah for $75.)
So Jeremy D is the younger brother of my most favorite teacher her. Matt D! I told him. Soooo Cool
I take for granted just sitting down and watching some Wizards. Good Times. Goooood Times. Hope the vacation is going swell. Have fun at the cabin. Say hi to Vance, Nick, and Jake for me!
Even though half your Dear Elder was about One Direction, I still really enjoyed it. Tell me everything! ( I think you should ger Liam Loves Blueberry personally. Theres just a nice ring to it)
So have you become a Ariana fan, I hear shes released two new songs! You should keep a colleciton of posters for me for when I get back. That would be awesome!
They may buy your argument. But I dont know. Keep me posted on what they say.  [I think "they" are us- the parents.  I think the "argument" is that Riley *needs* an iphone.]
Nice job climbing. We are very similar so I know if you keep practicing you may find a talent you are very good at, and a sweet hobby for the rest of your life!
I think all the letters you sent have arrived.
I try to have my own personal word of the day, My personal favorite word that I like to use whenever I come out of a bad lesson (which isn't that often) is. "matadouro" or "slaughterhouse"
I did get letter #1, and I had to pay 20 extra cents :)
I'm glad to hear that the suzuki will live on! [Apparently I threw a rod on my car last week, and was very sad, but then found out it was under warranty- phew!]
I've been trying to continue to write [in his journal] most nights. but some days I really just don't have the time
I think through Dear Elder packages you can send anything from the book store, no? If so, I really want this tie rack they have. Its nine bucks though. If its possible you should dear elder it for me. Also get me some paper and stamps so I can continue to write more letters. Lastly one more batch of chips and queso would be aweosme. We want to have another party!
Love you!
The language is still coming along. I am so happy with progress I have made. I never thought I would actually reach this point, but alas, I have. They say that you leave the MTC feeling really confident in your language abilities, but then you get there and you understand nothing. I'm sure this will be the case for me.
I should be on a little late today to respond, but I don't know. Have fun at the Cabin.

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