Elder Cooper Siebers has been called to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He will serve for 24 months in the Brazil, Rio de Janeiro mission. He enters the Provo, Utah Missionary Training Center on 10 July 2013.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

5. MTC Provo UT

Tuesday 13 August 2013

Wow. I can't even believe that my time here at the MTC is about over. It has gone by so quickly. We are supposed to get our reassignments this week. I'm am soo excited. Not many missionaries get called to serve in two places. I have three places in mind, Oregon, Minnesota, and Alabama are my best three guesses. Apparently we can purchase a phone card and can call home for a short bit to tell our families what the plan is. I am not quite certain of this, but if I get some information I'll send out a quick email to let ya'll know.  [None of the 15 missionaries in Elder Siebers' district have received their VISAs yet. Therefore, they will all be reassigned to a location in the US and become "VISA waiters"- teaching the Gospel in English most likely, though some have been reassigned in the past to a US Portugese mission.  Elder Siebers has told us many times that he is excited to find out where his next adventure lies- and apparently now he is starting to really consider it!]

Thanks for ordering the tie rack mom, Im stoked to get it!

My teacher, Brother D also asked me if I knew David C. Apparently they grew up in the same ward in california. Cool beans

So Jake I gotta know, if you really are going to the Wyview apartments, I'll be crushed. I thought for sure since we were both Portuguese and Brazil bound, we would be on the same campus. And for real, the only time we get to see the West campus people is on the big Tuesday night devotionals. Which this might be my last (tonight). Soooo yeah that really stinks! But maybe we can figure something out????  [One of Elder Siebers very best friends- Elder Jake Neeley left home today and enters the MTC tomorrow, he has been called to the Goiana, Brazil Mission.  Jake and Cooper grew up in our small little branch together since they were just 8/9 years old.    He and Cooper are hoping to have a sweet reunion at the MTC tomorrow.  Cooper's anxiety above is about their concern that Jake has been assigned to the MTC at Provo West- a mile or so away.  I don't think this is the case though.  Another missionary from our ward left today too!  Sister Dania Frandsen will serve in the Sao Paolo North Mission.  She and Elder Neeley are even in the same district... all from our little Canton Ward!]

My first week as district leader went smoothly. Its easy to lead when the missionaries have been so good.

So last night I got a full account of the Cabin Week from both Madison and Mallory. It was the most difficult thing to read. I really appreciate the details, down to specific quotes. I wish so bad I had been there, but from here on out I should only miss one more yeah? I'm so graetful for the detailed letters and stories. I'm glad everyone had a lot of fun. 

Madison, Canton high school is going to be a completely different place. I would love if you sent me a pic of the new track! Good luck with jr year! You are going to need it!

Riley, thanks for you Dear Elders, they make me laugh! Have fun causing mayhem at girls camp!

Dad, I LOVED all the pictures you sent me. Soooo good. It tears me up inside that I wasn't there [demolition derbies- Scott attended one completely by himself while in Utah this summer], but I'm sure you had a blast. That 19 car is literally perfect paint scheme, if it were on that LTD, my life would be complete!

They gave us portuguese scriptures on the first day. [We must have asked?]

So this week, lets seeeeee, what happened? I honestly can't think of too much. Everything has become so routine at this point. I'd say I had the best Sunday night. A great devotional about the purpose behind the missionary purpose followed by a great Elder Bednar talk about becoming a life long missionary. Very spiritual and enlightening. My favorite quote was:

"Don't just go on a mission. Become a missionary"

We also got our first chance to go the temple this morning.  Incredible really. If you haven't been already, get your bums to the temple!

Other than that, I'm pretty sick of the food here, I know i'll miss it when 'm eating rice and beans everyday though.

Also, I don't know when I will be emailing next. Just be alert, you guys are always checking your emails right? [Tuesdays have been his pday in the MTC.  But he is scheduled to leave for somewhere next Tuesday.  So- we are supposed to either get another email or a phone call sometime before then to let us know where he is going.  If you want to play Round 2 of "where will Cooper serve his mission" send me your guess as to what US City/State he will go to next week.  paula.siebers@comcast.net.]

Two things I thought of. first please thank Gail Dalsky and LouAnn Roberto for the Dear Elders. Also tell Louann thank you for the check. (I ripped it up though. She gave me 10 dollars for snacks. I'm fine)  [Sister Roberto- you are very thoughtful!]

Also, when I'm Brazil, does one U.S freedom forever stamp cut it?  [Yeah, I am thinking that's a "no".]

Also someone big might be talking tonight, we have a reason to believe this each week. This week it is because this devotional is being broadcast to every other MTC in the world. Ill let you know!

Love the Fam!

Elder Siebs

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