Elder Cooper Siebers has been called to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He will serve for 24 months in the Brazil, Rio de Janeiro mission. He enters the Provo, Utah Missionary Training Center on 10 July 2013.

Monday, October 6, 2014

65. Itaborai, Rio de Janeiro

6 October 2014

WOW, Well I'm sorry for the late email today. I don't have anytime to even begin to write about the many adventures I had this week! 

Here's just a quick summary, I hope it doesn't leave you all with more questions than answers.

The week began with interviews with President.  He stated that Elder S and I would stay together at the next transfer.

Thursday comes around and I wake up with some epic body pains. I thought it might have been just an awkward night's sleep so I just kept chugging. At around 5:30, trying to make a visit,  I just about passed out! We sat briefly and headed to the chapel, called sister Cabrel and one of the  craziest nights of my life ensued. Sister Cabral recommended I go to the hospital. Yeah so there isn't a hosptal that accepts Sul America health insurance so the public hosptal it was for me. I'll have to write a novel of the experience another day. We got there at 6pm and I left at 4am... walking in the rain heading home. (our cellphone died :D ) Good news is that in 10 hours I learned I have an infection. After a blood test and xray they "weren't able to localize the infection" but they hardly tried- really poor quality hospital. They recommended some meds I am 3 days on them and I'm almost back at 100%. It was easily one of the most brutal sicknesses I've caught, but it's all over now. Please don't worry mom, I'm really fine!!!!

X is on fire this week! After she almost quit for good she took the invite to read the Book of Mormon seriously this week and it's incredible to witness its promise come true. Her whole aura changed this week. She was so happy and loved talking about the things she was learning, reading and feeling as she read throughout the week!

Conference was amazing of course! We had a baptism of X2 who is a friend of a member! We're working with her mom and other friend as well. In no time Rio Bonito will open a branch!

I have no photos or anything today, because today turned into a crazy day. 

Saturday night I found out I was being transferred (I told you its not even worth predicting because even when Pres tells you you are staying anything can happen!!)  I dragged my loaded beaten bags through public transportation which is always a hoot, to find out I'm moving areas RIGHT NEXT DOOR! We  literally caught a bus in my new area this morning. I was in the chapel in this area for General Conference this week. So funny!!  [For my local friends, it would be like taking all your belongings in two suitcases and traveling from  Canton to Manhattan via bus, only to find out you are moving to Bristol.  It does seem somewhat inefficient at times.]

So my new area is Alcântara. It's a town in the city of São Gonçalo, just west of Itaboraí. I'm only a 20 minute drive away from my old area! 

My new comp is another new missionary, he just finshed hs first 12 weeks in the field and he's a GREAT Elder!!! His name is Elder L, from Ecuador.  [Cooper's first non-Brazilian companion since arriving there!]

Our new apartment is a MASSIVE. It's on the 6th and final floor of an apartment complex. It's dirty, but that can be fixed. There are four of us missionaries here with plenty of space! 1 american, 1 from ecuador, 1 brazilian and 1 chilean!

All right family, I hope your weeks were a little more down to earth than mine was. I can't even think straight right now.! We are both new in the area, it's a SUPER busy place, and we have to explore it together to know whats going on! 

A lot of discovery work to be had this week, but adventures into the unknown excite me!

Google image of his new area:  I think he's gonna like it here!

I love you all so much

Elder Siebers

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