Elder Cooper Siebers has been called to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He will serve for 24 months in the Brazil, Rio de Janeiro mission. He enters the Provo, Utah Missionary Training Center on 10 July 2013.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

38. Madureira, Rio de Janeiro

31 March 2014

I don't think I've ever been so exhausted in my life. The week started off great though, we got the district together in the chapel which is starting to become a tradition. The 6 of us all brought ingredients for a hefty brunch of pancakes, eggs, and juice, which was then followed by a close game of Settlers of Catan. 
When Tuesday rolled around it was time to get serious. We are still in the midst of a rebuilding phase. We dont have many investigators right now and we are trying our best to find new people. 

Our two current investigators who are progressing are W and his mom A. W has been attending church because he is dating a young women in the ward. These situations can always be sticky so were trying our best to make sure he´s doing all this for the right reasons. He is attending seminary though, so that's always a good sign. He would have been baptized much earlier but his mom didn't allow him to be baptized. He recently turned 18 so Monday night we headed over there to talk to him and put him on date. While we were talking his mom walked into the room and sat on the sofa with him. She wasn't paying attention to anything however. I asked him if he would still like to be baptized and he shook his head pointing to his mom.  We shared the message of the Restoration and the Book of Mormon with her. It was our first real lesson together as a companionship and it was pretty weak (since then we've done a ton of practices so it won't happen again). On Saturday night we returned and she read the entire chapter, but couldn't remember any of it. We have some ideas for the next visit to help get her to speak her mind and express her feelings to that we can actually address them.

Other than that we are walking a ridiculous amount and talking with a bunch of people. We marked a ton of return appointments for Saturday but EVERY SINGLE one of them fell through until our very last effort to visit A and W for the second time that night. 

We are working a ton with Bishop G with less actives so in the meantime I'm feeling good about our work. We had the best ward attendance this week of 86, so we're seeing improvement. 

Hope everyone enjoys Conference weekend, feels like just yesterday that I was in Gilbert watching conference with J, the kids and the P family.

[Elder E's mom sent this picture to me last week.  Cooper and Elder E were together in the MTC and then finally got to see each other again at transfers last week.]

Have a good week!

Elder Siebers

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