Elder Cooper Siebers has been called to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He will serve for 24 months in the Brazil, Rio de Janeiro mission. He enters the Provo, Utah Missionary Training Center on 10 July 2013.

Monday, March 3, 2014

34. Madureira, Rio de Janeiro

3 March 2014

Hello everyone!

Unfortunately, this week was pretty weak as far as the work goes. Madureira is one of the hotspots for Carnaval here in Rio. One of the larger roads that cuts out area in half was blocked off for hardcore samba dancing, drinking, nudity and mayhem. All of our plans fell through because NO ONE was home. We spent a lot of time at member's just asking to give us some service. We mopped a house one day, better than nothing! 

J and T had their wedding reception this week and it went over really well. The members went all out to make it memorable. We have photos, and I'll try to send them later. I was put in charge of the bishop's video camera for the night. 

This week I got a hold of the LDS.org Ward member list. (I recently learned I have access to an online list of the wards I am in.) I found 16 less active family names and addresses and we spent the early part of the week tracking these people down. Of the 16 we already got some sort of contact with 9 of them, 2 of the families still live there, 6 of them moved away, and one of them the wife passed away, and the husband moved out.

These are the types of things that really need to be updated on the ward list so future missionaries and accurate family home teachers can be assigned. Hope to get things all updated for the ward this week. 

Anyway the three wards that meet in this building had combined Sunday meetings because of Carnaval. The attendance was that of a normal Sunday, as to say that 1/3 of the wards attended. It was kinda cool to have a full gospel prinicples class with all the missionaries and their investigators together.

The highlight of Sunday was testimony meeting. J had to leave early to help make some food for an old lady, but we got T to bear his testimony. I lead the way for him, he followed with a very sincere and powerful testimony and Elder M followed. I know all the other investigators were touched by T's sincere testimony. He told us later that he prayed before hand that the spirit would guide his words to help the investigators who were present. 

I've said it time and time again, but this family is so elite. They really GET IT, and apply it. They are an inspiration to me. 

*I finished the Doctrine and Covenants Commentary, cover to cover. It took me three months, and it was a great read. Thanks again dad.

Thanks to everyone who sent letters this week. There´s nothing I enjoy more than reading letters from home and friends and the end of exhausting week. 

And just for a side note, don't ever open a bottle of hot sauce near your face, it really burns the eyes!

Love you all!

Elder Siebers

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