Elder Cooper Siebers has been called to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He will serve for 24 months in the Brazil, Rio de Janeiro mission. He enters the Provo, Utah Missionary Training Center on 10 July 2013.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

31. Madureira, Rio de Janeiro

10 Feb 2014
To begin, my new companion is Elder M. and I am staying in Madureira for another transfer!
Last week Elder P and I  went to G´s and L´s., a young couple I contacted three weeks ago. I did a Proclamation to the World contact so we naturally taught them about that during our first lesson. Nothing really seemed to click though. Then I returned this time with Elder M. and taught the Restoration. Elder M is a fantastic teacher! He is a very textbook (Preach my Gospel) missionary, he has studied and applies literally EVERYTHING! Our lesson went really well and G is really interested in reading the Book of Mormon. L is a strong Catholic, but she even told us that she doesn't think her church is right... They want to come to church too, but they had something booked already for this Sunday. Hopefully the next!

Preparation Day with Elder P at Bob's Burgers
Elder M. is a very high energy guy, and he speaks ridiculously fast. So I'll be learning a lot from him this transfer. He also speaks a bit of English, and by a bit I mean we can have conversations in English.
I don't know if I talked about I__ yet,, but she's a ten year old girl who started living with her grandma who attends the Ward. We had a lesson with her with Elder P to set a baptism date but she didn't want to. That Sunday I noticed her with the Primary President, and it was easy to tell that she adores her. So this week I called the Primary President and we tried again. This time with Elder M, we taught better, and the Primary President extended the invitation to be baptized. Simple. Date marked for this Sunday. I don't really look to baptize kids, but this girl is ready, she already bore testimony during Sacrament Meeting! And I know our Primary President will take care of her!
The Chapel in Madureira.  "I feel really close to this area.  I will remember Madureira for the rest of my life!"
We had two lessons with J+T this week. The first was just about baptism and Elder M showed a slideshow of families baptized in the mission. It got really emotional.  And last night we taught about tithing and they had no issues with it. They are super prepared!
We taught a new family, so we'll see if anything happens!
This Sunday was a bit rough. Our Stake Rep, the Missionaries and T were the only Elders in the Quorum meeting. The entire Presidency, even the secretary were absent. The Stake Rep, asked me about what happened, and I'm just like, "how can I know?" It really is quite sad. Our priority is to bring new members into the church, but as missionaries we have a lot of other duties. So this week were planning on visiting the entire Elder's Quorum, starting with President. Wish us luck!

Last note of the day, I finally learned why my companions have been leaving me out to dry during street contacts. I thought it was just a Elder P thing, and when I told Elder S about it he told me I should talk to him about it. So when Elder M did the same, I asked him why! He said that in a meeting for trainers,they were told them to let their American companions do their own contacts and not to help them, that this would help us learn the language better.... seriously? This may be true, but is it worth sacrificing unity? Is it worth the many wrong addresses, the loss of good contacts? I just don't know...? I can do contacts on my own though, so at this point it's just frustrating.

But it's all GOOD!

Love Elder Siebs

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